Scrub A Dub Dub

What sets us apart from other grooming shops? 



 We are totally cage free!



We schedule by appointment so that your dog or cat can be home again as soon as possible.



 If you need to keep your pet with us longer, we now offer daycare as an option for an additional $10.00(vaccinations required).



We work with your pet's "issues."


 We will find a method of drying that won't "flip him/her out."



 Potty, water and play breaks given as needed!



Furthermore we use high quality shampoos and cream rinses that are completely natural & eco-friendly.



Our prices are reasonable & fair.


Whereas most "Spas" will charge patrons for  additional "services", you will find that we include most of these "extras" in our regular grooming prices .



We love the elderly and disabled!


We have a special place in our hearts for them and treat them with the love, care & respect they deserve.


 Our shop environment and management are condusive to their comfort--we can get them out quickly or take all day if required.



 We provide comfortable mats for tubby time & allow them to sit or lie down during their grooming .



 They will receive breaks in between their bath and haircut .


  We don't care how long it takes to finish them! 


 We have installed an orthopedic rubber flooring that is not only slip proof, but if your pet is more comfortable being brushed out while he or she is lying on the floor, he or she will have a comfortable surface on which to lay.


What's included?


Dog Bathing:


Our experienced bathers provide luxurious shampoos & cream rinses that appropriately suit your pet's skin & coat needs. 

 A full mani-pedi which includes paw pad trim and nail clipping (dremeling available upon request).


A thorough ear cleaning and massage with a high quality non-alcoholic, soothing ear cleaner.



A fluff or speed drying, delivered tableside (no cages), as determined by your pet's coat and temperament.


Full brush-out and a kiss on the nose

(for the dog not the owner!).


Most of our clients are a no frills kind of crowd, but bows & bandanas are available upon request.

Grooming dogs


·Receive all of the above, plus hair styling  to the parent's specifications as long as it is not to the detriment of the pet.


 Please Note: Severely matted pets require additional care/attention,  owners will be charged accordingly. It is possible in cases of severe matting that the desired hair length and style cannot be feasibly attained without harming the pet. In these cases, owners will be properly informed if they are available and alternatives will be discussed. 


·On average grooming's  are completed within 2 hours we are however, working with live animals and never guarentee a specific  time.

Separate/ Additional Services

·Nail trims: $5.00
(with pad trims: $6.00)

·Teeth brushing:$10.00
 ·Anal gland expression: $10.00
w/ grooming $5.00
·Eye/ bang trims in between cuts: Free!(PUT DOWN THOSE SCISSORS & WALK AWAY MOM/DAD!!!!!!)
·1/2 day daycare available with grooming for only $10.00 additional