Scrub A Dub Dub

 Senior dogs, mellow dogs (aka couch potatoes) and small dogs like to socialize too! Instead of isolating them at home or, heaven forbid a kennel, allow your pets to mingle with their doggie friends for a few days!



·Most pets, even those who are "less active," take pleasure in and benefit from interacting with other pets, and we take pride in offering them this service. 



  Please Note: Space is limited, so if your pets require a large area in which to romp around, we would not be able to accomodate them. In this case, it is best to search for larger facilities that are able to house your energetic, playful pups. 

Play Times
Monday through Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
*Earlier drop offs as early as 6:30am  can be arranged by appointment .



·We offer a totally cage free environment; however, there are a few open "caves" for those pups that like a little darkness for their quiet time. 



·We offer an ergonomic, eco-friendly flooring  & plenty of comfortable bedding. 



·We keep your dogs engaged throughout the day with various activities, which include: 

-Tennis Ball Frenzy


-Plenty of belly rubs

-IQ playtime with hide the bisquet games


-Plenty of potty breaks in the form of a 10 minute walk are given throughout the day

-A supply of fresh water is always available


Birthdays will always be a special occasion if your pup spends it with us!

Packages Available
Daily Rate:  $28.00
Half-day Rate: $15.00
Hourly Rate: $3.50 (2 hour min.)

5 Day pass: $100.00
10 Day Pass: $190.00
20 Day Pass: $370.00


*Multiple dog families can use the same package for all your dogs

*Passes may be used any day that daycare is open with no expiration date.

  • All pooches must be up to date on their rabies,DHllp, and bordadella.
  • All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
  • All dogs must come in for a prior meet & greet for temperment testing, and any pet that exhibits aggressive behavior will not be admitted.
  • Parental information sheet must be filled out, veterinary information must be presented, payment must be authorized, and a liability waiver must be signed which will remain  on file.
  • Any medication, allergies, or other special needs must be relayed to a staff member prior to drop off.